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* Download this form and fill out all information.

* Send pdf of the completed application to

May 3rd



May 20th

* You are allowed to submit up to 3 categories, with 1 artwork entry in each category, for a total of 3 artworks.

* Please complete all information in the application form in English.

* If you have more than 1 work that you would like to submit, please make sure that the order of the works in the form matches the order of the categories for which you are entering.

* In the Entry Description field, please provide a descriptive statement about your work(artistic intentions, materials, etc)(600 words max).

* Please upload digital images of your work in the Main image field(12 photos max; for three-dimensional works, you may include process photos).

* If you wish to submit a video, please provide a verifiable YouTube or Google Drive link.

* Optional fields on the application form are not required.

* Your work must be your original creation and should have no legal issues with the use of your work, such as publicity rights, intellectual property rights, or copyright. Imitation, adaptation, or plagiarism are grounds for disqualification and may result in subsequent revocation of awards.

* The original or if necessary, edited and/or reworked versions of the winners may be posted on the DFIA website and social media, used for promotional purposes.

* By participating in the DFIA, applicants grant permission to the organizers to use the work in the manner and under the terms and conditions of the competition if awarded.

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